Why See A Counsellor?

Some of the reasons you may be considering counselling could be:

  • You have a relationship that may be proving difficult
  • You have lost someone close to you
  • You are trying to make a decision but can’t yet see the wood for the trees
  • You may feel low or anxious but you’re not sure why, especially if this has been going on for a while
  • You may feel unfulfilled and want to explore what you want next
  • You have reached a crossroads 
  • You are at midlife transition point that is making you question what it is you want from the second half of your life.

Counselling is a way of exploring things that may be troubling you with someone you can trust. When experiencing difficulties or distress it is often useful to talk to someone outside of your friends or family. It can be tough keeping a problem bottled up and clients often say they feel can a huge sense of relief discussing how they feel with a trained professional.  Because counselling is confidential, it can also be easier to say difficult things.

I provide a safe place to sit quietly and talk about the things that may be bothering you without any fear of judgement. My approach is interactive which means that as well as listening to what is troubling you I will ask you questions and make observations to help you work out your own solutions and make your own best choices. I may also help you to see the other options available to you as well as gently challenge you when needed.  

Counselling is also often highly practical. You may develop new ways of relating to your self and others, learn how to solve problems more easily and develop new skills to enable you to create a healthier and more satisfying life.   And whilst sometimes it can be hard work, the process of finding your own solutions to the things that have been troubling you and putting these into practice can be liberating, exciting and even fun!